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Группа больниц Дуньягёз

Kosovo - Priştine


Dünyagöz Hospitals Group opened Pristina branch in Kosovo in 2019. In Pristina clinic, providing eye health service to citizens in their own country as well as providing preoperative and postoperative examinations and checks for the patient who come to Turkey for surgery. Comprehensive eye examination consisting of 7 stages is carried out in detail. Within the scope of the examination; In addition to the visual acuity test, glasses examination, eyelid examination, eye muscles examination, eye blood pressure measurement, biomicroscopic examination, drop retina examination, patients are also served in the field of child eye health, health care and eye contour aesthetics. Operating tailored to the needs of citizens in Turkey are given in surgery services with health tourism packages. Performing surgery service to the patient who needs an operation with Turkey health tourism packages.

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